PODs are Packets of Decadence!

Tired of energy bars that look, feel and taste like shingles?  It’s time to try a POD (Packet of Decadence)!  These 500 calorie, high-protein babies will keep you going on your hike or bike ride, and keep you from hitting the wall.  They are also an excellent meal replacement for people on the go.

Three delicious flavors are available:

RAZZ-PODs: Raspberry / Cream Cheese / Chocolate Chips / Raisins

JAVA-PODs: Dark Chocolate / Coffee / Cream Cheese / Raisins

LPODs:  Peanut Butter / Chocolate Chips / Raisins

PODs are made with oats and are wheat-free.
PODs do contain dairy, eggs and olive oil. 

Ask about our organic PODs!